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Veterans Day

Webster’s dictionary describes a veteran as “someone who has had long experience in a particular field or endeavor.   Usually applied to the military. ”    So with that in  mind, tomorrow the American community will remember the Veterans of our country. This becoming a more difficult thing to remember and for me,  even more so to write about.  It seems there is a “war” almost everywhere, touching almost everyone, at least in some manner.  As of now, it makes no difference what country you are from, your nationality or where you are or what color your flag is.  You will be influenced by a war.  My heart hurts for those who have lost a family member to one of these actions.  They cause irreparable damage to all involved.  If you have lost someone to these actions, please remember them.   If you have someone close that survived, thank them.  And say a prayer that they did survive.   If know of anyone that is a veteran, thank them for their service.   I have been there.