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Morning Shots

So, I suppose ‘morning shots’  to most means that you are in line for your coffee drink for the start of the day.  Sorry, not for me, I don’t do coffee.  For me that means I’m out early, (before the sun)  and looking for that elusive sunrise or something similar.  In this case, I went to a park that is close by, and one that I have shown images of here before.   After the city got through reconstructing a portion of the park,  they changed a bit of the environment to remake the park to a more diverse area.   It turned out pretty nice.  We have a selection of areas that were a bit different than than was there originally.  So, I was there for sunrise images , thinking of one place in particular, but when I headed for that area, another spot had access that was not available before.  I took the road less traveled, and got a different perspective.  It worked well overall.  The sunrise was nice, but not as colorful as I might have expected, but that is how it is with sunrises.  You don’t get to choose the colors.  You just get to work with what is there.  I wasn’t the only one out early, either.  Not everyone was taking photos, which is OK.  It is good to see people out getting a good start on the day.  The image with a single evergreen tree turned out to be a surprise.  I took the photo, then as I walked by, I realized there was a tent under the tree.  The camper had also locked their bike up into the tree.  Quite clever, I thought.  Enjoy your day!


Sun Spots?

When we first started in photography, (ancient times – film)  we were taught to not shoot into or towards the sun.  It would cause a massive bright spot in the photo, if not ruin it completely.   Film did not always react the best to that situation.  Well, digital doesn’t either, really.  It will still give you a bright, bleached out spot in the image, it creates what is called ‘flare’ or ‘sun flare’  that is not always wanted in an image.  But then again, it can be used to an advantage to get interesting and maybe artistic results if you watch what you are doing.  I run across this every once in awhile, and will usually take the shot anyway.   I want to see the results.  Maybe I can improve on something I’ve done before.  It can be more of a challenge when you have a point and shoot camera, but it still works.   The sun will get “blown out”  anyway, so don’t worry about that, expose for the rest of the image. If you have not tried it before, bracket your shots  if you have that camera function, (one or two shots over and under exposed).   I don’t usually, I take a couple of shots at different angles, and move on.   I will check the screen to see if it anywhere close while I am there.    Please remember not to look at the sun through your viewfinder any more than you would with any other device.   It will damage your eyesight.   I have also found that not all printers like to reproduce the area around the sun in these images.  They turn out a bit odd on some printers, so if you get these results, well, your not the only one.  Be careful and enjoy the fun.


Sun and Surf

OK, sun, but no surf.  Well, the surf was there, but we were not in it.  I’m not a water dog, so, I’m content to watch all of the others participate in the experience.  We had friends from outside the U.S. visiting, and as typical for the west coast beaches, choosing a day at the beach is like playing the lottery.  You may be lucky, and then again………….so we tossed a coin and headed out.  The day was great!  The sun was good without be scorching, the tide was headed out, so it was low on the sand, we were early enough to get there before lots of crowds.  Even shared the sand with some folks on horseback.  Those of you from the Pacific Northwest will recognize this as Cannon Beach and/or Haystack Rock.  Like I said, the tide was headed out, so the surf was low and not real active, but very nice.  The sound of the waves was very soothing and great to hear again.  (I grew up near the beach)  You can see we were not the only ones out to enjoy the sand in our shoes.  Along with the horses, I like to watch the children explore the beach and all it has to offer.  I’m not sure what the kids found in the creek bed, but it didn’t seem to interest the sea gulls in the least.   We didn’t make it to the tide pools this time around, but will save that for the next trip.  I’m sure that a lot of pixels were used this week at the beach, it was great for photos.  The panoramic shot was taken from just south of Cannon Beach near the top of Neahkahnie Mountain, looking south toward Manzanita at the bottom of the mountain on the beach.   Farther to the south, are Oceanside and Cape Lookout, way in the distance.   Great day for sightseeing!  Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do.

What’s with all the fog??

I’m sure your getting tired of the fog images that I put on here. Well, I’m still making them, but I will try and cut back on how many I post here. It does not diminish my interest in the fog and photos, but I do know that not everyone enjoys the subject as I do. These are a few of some older ones that I have rounded up. One or two are very old, as in film old. Ancient, I know. There has not been many “adjustments” made to the images, overall. The lavender one with the horses had a bit color added. It was not quite so colorful. The triptych was made just for fun to see what would result. I did find it makes little difference if printed in color or black and white, it turns out nearly the same either way. It is one of my favorites. The bench under the tree pulls in memories of loneliness and lose. The ones with the sun seeping through the fog promises a bright happy day. So as spring is upon us here in the pacific northwest, we welcome the sun. I do caution that the winter season is not yet over, so we may still get some water, in one form or another. Beware! In the meantime, I will try and refrain from loading up too many fog images.

Surely the Lord must be in this place.

The quote comes from Genesis 28:16. After seeing some of the scenes and images that appear in the world around us, there can be no other explanation. I know that not all is as we would wish it to be. I cannot explain everything. But He is in charge, and He creates all of these scenes. So, I feel I need to give Him the credit for the things I see. On a recent trip to the coast, the fog was here and there, in and out, up and down, as fog usually does. Allowing us to see, then obscuring other things nearby. When the sun is mixed in, a whole new light show starts. This time of year a lot of fog banks appear for the morning viewing experience for those around. I suppose for those of us that have to commute in the “soup”, it’s not as pleasant, but those of us that can watch the light show, it makes for a interesting day. I slipped in one image of an old rusty mobil yarder that was hiding in the brush. (I get sucked in when there is old rusty machinery)
It did run at one time.

There is a sun!

I woke up this morning expecting to get to take some photos in the fog that had formed during the night. What I got at our house was clear skies. Not a cloud or fog bank anywhere. I finally decided to brave the elements, (it’s warmer now – mid 40’s) and try to get some images anyway. We have a couple of parks that are close, that provide a bit of view around the area. I’ve displayed photos from there before. With the sun peaking through, at least that was the forecast, I gathered my point and shoot and headed out. Results were pretty good all in all. I even played a bit with lens flare. There is one odd looking log. It has some interesting trails on the surface, they were made by some beetles or bugs of some sort. It made for interesting patterns and colors. Two mountains presented their colors today. Mt. St. Helen’s is the pink, clipped top image. Mt. Hood is the other. The fog seemed to be everywhere I was not. It filled the valley’s like someone had filled the low spots with whipped cream. Very nice morning outing!

I see the light

I see the light

trying to catch that warm spot – – – – – – – of sun