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Rivers and Fields

I’ll by-pass the water falls for a bit (there is another in line)  and head over to the rivers and fields department.  I went camping with family members a couple of weeks ago to the southern part of our fine state.  We got there early enough to pick a really nice site to put up the tent, we were right next to the river.  So while everyone was still  sleeping the next morning, I left to get some early morning shots.  I had to get permission from the local residents to check out their field, but after a bit of discussion, they said it was alright as long as did not interrupt their breakfast.  I added their photo as well.  We will be going back next month, so I may be able to add something a bit different later.


Morning Shots

So, I suppose ‘morning shots’  to most means that you are in line for your coffee drink for the start of the day.  Sorry, not for me, I don’t do coffee.  For me that means I’m out early, (before the sun)  and looking for that elusive sunrise or something similar.  In this case, I went to a park that is close by, and one that I have shown images of here before.   After the city got through reconstructing a portion of the park,  they changed a bit of the environment to remake the park to a more diverse area.   It turned out pretty nice.  We have a selection of areas that were a bit different than than was there originally.  So, I was there for sunrise images , thinking of one place in particular, but when I headed for that area, another spot had access that was not available before.  I took the road less traveled, and got a different perspective.  It worked well overall.  The sunrise was nice, but not as colorful as I might have expected, but that is how it is with sunrises.  You don’t get to choose the colors.  You just get to work with what is there.  I wasn’t the only one out early, either.  Not everyone was taking photos, which is OK.  It is good to see people out getting a good start on the day.  The image with a single evergreen tree turned out to be a surprise.  I took the photo, then as I walked by, I realized there was a tent under the tree.  The camper had also locked their bike up into the tree.  Quite clever, I thought.  Enjoy your day!


always experimenting

I went out early (not early enough) to get some morning light. It was cold and crisp, just nice to be out, but very contrasty for a photo day. You know the day, lots of light, but all wrong. It’s in the wrong places. It’s in the wrong color. It’s too bright. It’s not bright enough here, but over there it’s too bright. Ahh, the challenges. I did get some images to work with, but they are the ones that test your sanity levels. The other part of the experiment is the computer/program I used. I’m sure I can do other things with the images, even the bad ones and get a decent result for use at some point. I did the work on a Chromebook, and they have limited programs available. But I wanted to see what would happen, as I may need to carry this with me later, so I thought I should check it out now. I hope they work on your monitor, they are not to bad on mine. And they were all taken with a point and shoot. The broken top mountain on the horizon with the park bench is Mt. St Helens. Mt. Hood is hiding in the clouds in the fence image. And there isn’t any fog. It was a clear, flat, contrasty day, but nice to see nature preparing to rework the season to bring back the colors and new growth. Change is in the air!

What’s with all the fog??

I’m sure your getting tired of the fog images that I put on here. Well, I’m still making them, but I will try and cut back on how many I post here. It does not diminish my interest in the fog and photos, but I do know that not everyone enjoys the subject as I do. These are a few of some older ones that I have rounded up. One or two are very old, as in film old. Ancient, I know. There has not been many “adjustments” made to the images, overall. The lavender one with the horses had a bit color added. It was not quite so colorful. The triptych was made just for fun to see what would result. I did find it makes little difference if printed in color or black and white, it turns out nearly the same either way. It is one of my favorites. The bench under the tree pulls in memories of loneliness and lose. The ones with the sun seeping through the fog promises a bright happy day. So as spring is upon us here in the pacific northwest, we welcome the sun. I do caution that the winter season is not yet over, so we may still get some water, in one form or another. Beware! In the meantime, I will try and refrain from loading up too many fog images.

Early Mornings

Well, it’s that time of year. For us, its foggy mornings – – – or rain. I’m not complaining, as the rest of the country seems to be having a real go at winter. Somebody cashed in a bunch of chips for their winter wishes, that’s for sure. As I’ve said before, I like the fog and early mornings for photos. Sunday was a good day, photo wise. I went to a few places, quickly, checking out possibilities. First one was worth only a couple of shots – – no real color to the sky. Off to another spot. That was better. I drove by one spot twice before it caught my eye. Then as I was headed home, I decided on one more spot. It was a good choice. There were lots of people out for as early as it was. Lots of doggers, (dog walkers), joggers, walkers, and even a bicycle or two. The fog over the city was very heavy, but not some much at the park. A bit of altitude contributing to that most likely. One was particularly fun because I turned to checkout the area, and here was a couple taking photos of a couple taking photos. So I took a photo of the couple taking photos of the other couple taking photos. I’m not sure what the couple in the center was interested in, but they took a number of photos. It was a good morning!

Surely the Lord must be in this place.

The quote comes from Genesis 28:16. After seeing some of the scenes and images that appear in the world around us, there can be no other explanation. I know that not all is as we would wish it to be. I cannot explain everything. But He is in charge, and He creates all of these scenes. So, I feel I need to give Him the credit for the things I see. On a recent trip to the coast, the fog was here and there, in and out, up and down, as fog usually does. Allowing us to see, then obscuring other things nearby. When the sun is mixed in, a whole new light show starts. This time of year a lot of fog banks appear for the morning viewing experience for those around. I suppose for those of us that have to commute in the “soup”, it’s not as pleasant, but those of us that can watch the light show, it makes for a interesting day. I slipped in one image of an old rusty mobil yarder that was hiding in the brush. (I get sucked in when there is old rusty machinery)
It did run at one time.