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One more time around

I took this trail a few months back when it was all wet everything was still in its winter coat. Everything being all brown and tired looking.  This trip, after a bit warm weather and some spring seasoning, everything is looking healthy and ready to go.  Upper McCord Creek was the only trail open before, so I was only able to get photos from the upper trail.  Now the trail down to Elowah Falls is passable and the falls look good.  One of the images looks back up to the upper portion of the trail. The falls are 213 feet high.  McCord Creek Falls, the double falls are 64 feet high.  The water goes over the double falls then narrows back down and goes over the higher falls. All in all, a good hike and lots of fun.  Best to get there early as the parking lot is not large.


Lots of Water – Upper McCord Creek Falls

The weather cleared for the first time in many days (for us, anyway), and it was on the cold side.  Frost when I left home, 37 degrees at the trail.  We have had record amounts of rain this year. That and taking up other projects has kept me away from my camera.  With the one clear day and another not predicted for many more days, I decided to take a trip out to a falls I had not been to before.  It seemed to be somewhat off of the beaten path, so I figured I might have it to myself for a bit.  That worked out well as I did not run into anyone else until I was almost off of the trail to go home.  Early morning is always the best for trips like this.  The trial was only a mile or so long back to the falls.  The condition of the trail was damp (wet) and muddy, but we were still in the last day of winter.  I was glad I took my work boots and not just my hiking boots.  As you can see in the images, one section of the trail actually has guard rails.  250 feet or so to the bottom.  The trail to the lower falls has been washed out for now, or I would have images of the upper and lower falls. Maybe later in the year.  One of the images shows the lower falls as viewed from above.

I had mud scattered on everything when I got back to my vehicle, but that’s part of the fun, right?  My camera bag top was soaked because of all the runoff from the cliff face where the guard rail is. Naturally that would be where I needed to take a photo.  The layers of rock with which the mountains and valley’s are formed around here are very interesting. Must be time for a geology book.  I will return to this spot, maybe when it is more green and not still in the winter brown camo colors.  And the parking lot was full when I left, with a couple of cars cruising for a parking space.