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One more time around

I took this trail a few months back when it was all wet everything was still in its winter coat. Everything being all brown and tired looking.  This trip, after a bit warm weather and some spring seasoning, everything is looking healthy and ready to go.  Upper McCord Creek was the only trail open before, so I was only able to get photos from the upper trail.  Now the trail down to Elowah Falls is passable and the falls look good.  One of the images looks back up to the upper portion of the trail. The falls are 213 feet high.  McCord Creek Falls, the double falls are 64 feet high.  The water goes over the double falls then narrows back down and goes over the higher falls. All in all, a good hike and lots of fun.  Best to get there early as the parking lot is not large.

It’s Still Fall

So until there is snow, (could be anytime as it is this year), we still have fog, leaves, cool temperatures and hot tea.  All right, hot chocolate as well.  Really, sipping chocolate or drinking chocolate (depending on who names it)  is better.  Way better chocolate flavor.  In any case, we are still running with the leaves and fog.  All different than before, mind you, it seems we never run out of either for very long, at least around here.  I took some different trails this time.  As is common for this season, it was raining.  The trail up the river started out pretty good, then the trail surface got to be downright rough and tumble.  It looks as if it was chipped out of rock.  I was glad that I wore my heavy boots.  The hiking boots would not have made the trip.  I use a pair of logger boots that I used to have for work.  Lots of ankle support and good traction.  I have had the manufacturer rebuild them a couple of times now.  They still feel good when I slip my foot in.  The hiking boots no longer come in narrow sizes, so my foot swims around to much.  Even with extra socks.  Back to the project.  I found a couple of water falls, one you can walk behind.  Lots of water in the air and on the ground.  I had to work at keeping the camera dry, and my glasses clear enough to see the trail.  It was a good day all around, still some color in the leaves and the trails are still passable.  Lots of moss and beavers have not built dams on everything yet.  I even managed to get a train into the shot.  Always have to include some machinery.


new ground (water)!!

Normally, I’m not a water falls photo person. I like water falls, they are great. I can sit and watch them for a long time; like watching a campfire. You can set and watch for what seems like hours and just stare at it. and listen to it. Yes, you have to experience the sound effects as well. So the rushing water flowing over the rocks, the cool breeze along the creek, the bright green foliage nearby, it all adds up. But taking photos of all this has been a bit of a challenge for me. I’ve seen others do it, and their images turn out well. I’ve just not been one to want to hang the images on my wall. Mine were just not quite up to what I thought they should be. So, I now have a new project. Find what I think a waterfall image should be. 

This all came about  a week or so ago when I set out to hike to the top of Multnomah Falls. I arrived at the lodge/trailhead early in the morning (to avoid crowds), and after getting all ready to go, boots, water, snacks, layers, I found the trail closed because of work on the Benson Bridge. They had a large rock fall last winter and took a large chunk out of the bridge. For safety they have closed it off to travelers until it is repaired. Work is in progress, but obviously wouldn’t be finished today, so I had to find another trail. Returning back on the old highway, I stopped to check out Wahkeena Falls. It ended up being a great hike, and a few images. I then decided I would work on some waterfall photos, and see if I could make this an opportunity to improve my experiences for better images. It may take a few more trips, but that makes it more fun. The little dude gathering fluff for the nest was not taken near the falls. He (or she) was less than 100 yards from a very main highway.