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mix and match

Some of the projects I am working have moved a bit slower, for many reasons.  I’ll skip the details – not important anyway – and move on to images.  I searched for a particular subject, but decided to add a little of everything.  Ahh, but there is no fog or old machinery in this one.  These are images that I have gathered as I wander about, watch and observe.  I know this gets brought up in all sorts classes, especially beginning photo and camera classes.  You don’t have to go to expensive and exotic places to get photos.  All of these were taken either downtown or not far away from home base.  The shapes and patterns appear all over.  Lots of color, lots of people.  My daughter likes the pink bike, she has a copy of that in her work space.  There are the heart shaped rocks, the leaves hanging on like a star fish, reflections, more color.  Signs, mailboxes, old and new together, smooth and textured together.  And because this is the northwest, we have moss.  Industrial strength moss.  Nice bright green stuff.  Keeps your mailbox insulated.   And don’t forget to look up – – otherwise you miss things like the fish in the side of the building.