This is supposed to be about me and why I do this – (take pictures, that is).   So here we go, I like photography, have been involved in it for quite some time. Started back when darkrooms and film were popular and you had to use the only bathroom in the apartment for a darkroom.  Much to the annoyance of everyone else living in the apartment.  I like to capture the images that are special, you know the ones, in the right place at the right time. Maybe that is what makes it special. I finally converted to digital almost kicking and screaming, but now that I’m here, it is better in the long run. The learning curve for me is long and steep, but I’m getting there.  I try not to spend a lot of time in post processing (Photoshop) my regular images, I try to keep them intact as I saw them at the time. Then there is the category I call “altered images.”  These are the ones I have “fun” with. They get pushed, pulled, dragged, stretched, and yanked in all directions in an effort to exercise what people usually  refer to as ‘artistic license.’  So, after all of that, enjoy what you see, maybe it will bring inspiration to your day. Leave a comment if you can.         Larry

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