Great Oregon Steamup 2017

If you have been on this site before, you know that I tend to follow old rusty machinery and old equipment.  I’m always curious as to how some of the jobs we do now were preformed in the past.  Many of the old jobs were very labor intensive and it is interesting to me to see the machines were used to do some of that work.  With that in mind, this years allotment of images from the Great Oregon Steamup 2017 follow.  It was advertised as the 47th annual edition.  More people show up each year, many more never having been here at all, or just now hearing about it.  The grounds fill earlier each year it seems, so if you like to photograph as of this equipment, you need to be early if you prefer not to have a lot of people in your images.  The morning is more fun (at least for me)  because you get to see all of the start-up procedures that take a lot of time, and are not apparent later in the day. As the day wears on and warms up and the machines are brought to operating temperature, all of the sights and sounds from the morning wake-up are gone.  These old machines are temperamental as old machines tend to be, (many were that way from the beginning, age had nothing to do with it) but this was how you started the day.  Some of these machines were very clever and inventive, and many times better at their job than the new replacements.  Even though I’ve seen most of these machines before, it is still fun to see them work.

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