Monthly Archives: July 2017

Cape Mears Lighthouse

They always suggest to photographers that you return to places numerous times, the idea being you could improve on the images you got the last time around, or the conditions will/could be different, thereby giving you another perspective on what you already have. Sure, why not?  Plus, I like going to most of those places anyway.  I think I have shown this lighthouse before, but its been awhile.  So to keep you from searching through all of those old files, here we go again.  The road out to this lighthouse has not improved, but then most roads along our coast are high maintenance anyway.  It used to be a loop road, and you could take in other sights on the return trip, but mountain roads being what they are, it has caved off and fallen away in spots making portion impassable.  There is one way in and out now.  It is still a nice location, and if you like birds, there are about 4 or 5 different kinds that frequent this area.  Puffins, cormorants and other sea birds not normally sited along the beaches. There are guides on the weekends to explain everything and provide binoculars and telescopes to watch the neighbors.  And being high above the water, you can usually see more.  One family was able to see some whales swimming around below the lighthouse.  They are always gone by the time I get there, so I do not have any images of them playing.  There is no charge to site see or park at this park.

Rivers and Fields

I’ll by-pass the water falls for a bit (there is another in line)  and head over to the rivers and fields department.  I went camping with family members a couple of weeks ago to the southern part of our fine state.  We got there early enough to pick a really nice site to put up the tent, we were right next to the river.  So while everyone was still  sleeping the next morning, I left to get some early morning shots.  I had to get permission from the local residents to check out their field, but after a bit of discussion, they said it was alright as long as did not interrupt their breakfast.  I added their photo as well.  We will be going back next month, so I may be able to add something a bit different later.