Monthly Archives: June 2017

One more time around

I took this trail a few months back when it was all wet everything was still in its winter coat. Everything being all brown and tired looking.  This trip, after a bit warm weather and some spring seasoning, everything is looking healthy and ready to go.  Upper McCord Creek was the only trail open before, so I was only able to get photos from the upper trail.  Now the trail down to Elowah Falls is passable and the falls look good.  One of the images looks back up to the upper portion of the trail. The falls are 213 feet high.  McCord Creek Falls, the double falls are 64 feet high.  The water goes over the double falls then narrows back down and goes over the higher falls. All in all, a good hike and lots of fun.  Best to get there early as the parking lot is not large.


I took off early in hopes of catching a nice sunrise, but the clouds that catch all of the color and drama decided to sleep in. I arrived at the location, this time being the Women’s Forum site along the old Columbia River Highway.  As early as I was,there were a few before me already lined up.  None were at the spot I usually like, so I set up  my gear and waited for the light show.  It was a nice morning, cool and crisp.  One of the other photographers was taking engagement shots for a couple.  Just the right amount of color for that.  With only a few shots to keep, I stopped at another favorite place on the way back.  The Sandy River Delta usually has some good opportunities as well,  and there was a lot of ground fog.  Some of these images are similar to ones I have posted before.  Not to many folks were out yet at just past sunrise, so the few that were out, had the place to themselves.  I saw the local coyote, but not soon enough to get a shot of him. He was bounding through the tall grass and brush probably looking for breakfast.

Sorry for not posting much lately, we have been working on  a photo exhibit and other projects.  I have not been out taking as many photos as in the past.  I will work to remedy that in the future.