More Water – Punchbowl Falls

Punchbowl Falls, Columbia River Gorge.

So yesterday was a bright sunny warm day, something new to us this year.  We have not had any nice weather since last summer, for more than a day at a time.  We got about three this time around.  We enjoyed every minute.  I took off for a falls that was new to me, left early in the morning.  It is about a four mile walk round trip.  Some of the trail can be a challenge, some of the spots are narrow, one person narrow, but there is a cable guide anchored to the rock face if you need support.   There is not a lot of elevation gain, according to a map I found, no more than 700-750 feet.  I connected up with a couple of other photographers on the way in and we had a good time discussing the good day and the available photo conditions.  To get the shot of the falls dropping into the bowl, it is necessary to be in the middle of the river.  Well, there is still snow patches on the other side of the river, so i was not about to wade out into the water.  One of the other fellows did.  He spent more than a half hour in the water, with no boots, just waded out out into the river.  The other fellow and I found a way to “walk on the water” and  managed to move from rock to rock and found a dinner plate sized rock to stand on and get images of the falls. The falls themselves are about 35 feet high.  All in all, a good day.   There is a day use fee of $5 to park in the surrounding lots, so if you wander up the river, be prepared.  There are numerous falls on this route, and if you travel farther up the trail, you can take in one that has a tunnel behind the falls, and many others if you have the time.

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