Monthly Archives: April 2017

Spring saw the light

It appears spring has finally arrived in full force.  I went for a walk/hike and took my point and shoot just to keep in practice.  It was a nice warm day, at least for this time of year.  I say walk/hike because although I live in a city, the experience was not on level ground.  As I have mentioned before, Mt. Tabor is an extinct volcano.  Moving around its grounds can become a challenge for some.  Many go here for their workouts and just to get out to prevent “cabin fever”  (maybe “cubicle fever”)  from setting in to deeply.  It was a good time for whatever reason.  Even got in a couple of bees doing their thing for the program.  It is now raining off and on, washing away all of the winter mud that has been carried in and  around.  I suppose the term “April Showers” is in order?