Monthly Archives: February 2017

So with the weather bad (wet, soggy, muddy, swampy, still more wet, or cold and frozen), I stayed inside longer and worked on other art projects. I’m not opposed to the wet, soggy, muddy, swampy stuff, but the cold and frozen takes it’s toll now days.  My daughter and I are getting ready for an art show next month, so matting and framing have been at the top of the list.  I dug around and found some photos I have probably used here one time or another, but not all at once that I could  track down, at least within the last year.  The panoramas are fun to do, and show off an area in a whole new way.  They should enlarge well enough if you click on them, and they all looked good on my screen (that always seems to be the case). Hopefully, they will look good on yours as well.   Have fun!