Monthly Archives: January 2017

Chinese New Year

We have a good sized Chinese community here, and they have celebrations throughout the year.  A couple of years ago, they brought together all of the parts to present a dragon to celebrate the new year.  I have missed previous years, but this year I found out about the parade just in time.  So as we all collected to watch the fun on our cold morning,  they started off with the ribbons of firecrackers and the drum and cymbals.  The dragon and the lion dogs all started across town.  Most of the people that came up for the show joined in the procession and we all followed them on the journey.  It took about an hour, and everyone got their exercise; especially the folks with the dragon.  So if no one has said it yet,  Happy New Year!!

Half and Half

I won’t go on anymore about our snow.  It was a record breaker for us this last week, but it seems the storm carrying it from here will hit other folks harder than here. As I was out and about catching images for fun, I started catching shadows, then other loose marbles started colliding around in my head and a new idea fell out.  So going against the “rules” about splitting your images in half, or putting the horizon in the middle and such, I’m going to do it anyway.  All of the pucker marks in the one image were made by crows looking for their popcorn. I left the color as blue as it was.   Enjoy your snow day.