Monthly Archives: December 2016

Fog Banks

Well it is that time of year when fog happens.  We get a fair share of it here in the Pacific Northwest, and it one of my favorite times to search out photo opportunities.  I had not been down along our city’s water front for quite awhile, so with the fog approaching, off I went.  It was also cold, just above freezing by one or two degrees. not enough for ice or frost, but close.  It was a lot of fun, even in the cold.  We have a very active bicycle community here, so a lot of folks commute to work on bicycles, and this waterfront route gets a lot of that traffic.  There was also a large number of folks on foot for their morning walk, and also heading for work.  We also have a lot of bridges to the heart of the city.  Ten in the downtown area, one more on the outlying edge of the city and then one more that gets you into Washington state (or back if need be). There are a few more out around the edges as well.  I have included a good portion of those in previous editions on this blog, at different times of the year.  The images also lend themselves to black and white conversion quite nicely.  Some you cannot even tell the difference unless it is made dramatic. I did that on a couple just for fun.  The shapes and patterns are the challenge in many of these.  I do not go onto all of the bridges, the freeway bridges do not have pedestrian access.  It’s all fun.


Snow Day

My camera grabbed me the other day as I was on the way by and said  “it’s been days since we went out, grab your coat, we are leaving.”  As I have mentioned before, I live in the Pacific Northwest of the states.  Snow for us is not always a definite thing unless we got to the ski areas.  For the most part, our area shuts down in the snow.  The local folks are not used to operating in those conditions, so it can become a challenge to navigate around.  I took to the sidewalk and wandered over to a local city park to watch the people and the kids sledding on the hills.  It’s fun and the kids have a great time.  Our bit of snow was early this year, and for us almost a record amount.  I know it is no way comparable to what some of the other folks are getting in the midwest and the east, but for us it was good time. So after wandering around, I gathered a few images.  If you have followed this blog for a bit, you may recognize some of the landscape.  The park is actually a dormant volcano.  There is a basketball court in the old caldera.  Sorry, didn’t think of it soon enough, I would have taken a photo.  The court is made up of those ground up track shoes.  Cushy.  The bike riders continue, as do the runners.  And the ducks enjoy the reservoirs and the dogs love the snow, and their sweaters (I think).  I hope enjoy our bits of snow, we do.