Monthly Archives: November 2016

Still Life Stuff

I have worked a bit with still life type of images and will likely work a bit more in the future.  It is an interesting field, fun to explore and test your knowledge, and try new things.  It will put new life into some old objects.  One of these images was an actual assignment for a class I took.  The rest are just took the trial and error route – “let’s try this and see what happens”.

So a bit of history for what you see.  The washboard was my grandmothers.  I remember her using this when I was little.  She also had an old crank type wringer washer.  She was constantly warning me  to keep my fingers away from the rollers on the wringer.  I always did, I never got pinched. It was a challenge to round up the old clothes pins, no one uses those any more.  The old bleach bottles are ours as well.

The fold-up camera was hers as well.  It is an old Agfa.

The chess set belonged to my wife’s folks, it used to set in the living room on a small table.

The red and yellow daisy’s were decoration in my daughters bathroom in Bolivia.

The frog you may have seen here before.  He is an easy target, and sets in our window.

The yellow tulips are also ours, this is one of those “lets try this”  images. And the room is not that yellow or yellow at all. It is a very pale green.  But the vase and tulips are true to color.

The mug is another “lets see what happens” image.  That was taken at a coast retreat, the mug is actually from one of our favorite restaurants on the way to the beach.  And they do sell the mugs in their store.  So give all of this a shot and see what happens.  No special gear was used for any of these images.  Camera, tripod, and a flash and flashlight.

So the leaves that I said don’t hold their color so long around here, are beginning to fade.  These are shots I got on one of my walks, they are all with a phone, processed in the phone.  The rest is just visual, so I won’t try and explain anything else.  I like the leaf “shadows”  or  leaf “prints.”  I’m not sure what the proper name is.  Seems to work best on newer concrete.  I was told it is the tannin in the leaves as they break down that causes the “shadow.”