Wall Art

I call this wall art because that is generally where you find it.  On a wall.  Some shows up on the streets and sidewalks, but the life expectancy of those images is usually shorter.  The artists, however, are just as good as any in that paint on the wall.  I think it is all great.  I have finally collected enough images to print in a book, so we will see how that turns out when it returns.  I will continue to collect images, some get replaced, some of the buildings they are on get replaced, or blocked off.  There seems to be no lack of artists available, and it seems to a more popular art form.  I did a piece on this once before a bit over a year ago.  As a good portion of these paintings can only be appreciated in one piece as opposed to chunks of a picture and trying to imagine it as one, I have made panoramas of some because of their size.  I hope they show up well here as some took up an entire block. I particularly liked the image of the cowboy.  That was the most lifelike image I have run across.  I actually thought he was real when I first saw him.  He was on one side of the building, his horse (the prankster and painter) was on the other side.  When we take a photo, it is a moment in time that we witnessed.  When the artist makes a painting like this, they leave a piece of themselves on that wall.  There is large commitment to that painting.  Whether it be emotional and-or cultural,  it is there and very well done.  To those folks that perform this art,  Thank you.

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