Streets, Sidewalks and Photos

One of the challenges to starting a different job, work, hobby, sport – well anything different, is the language used to navigate this new undertaking.  Photography is no different.  In fact,it may be a bit more confusing than most.  Not so many others want you to learn that larger numbers mean smaller holes for your lens.  You know, confusing and contradictory things like that.  Like signs that say one thing, but could obviously mean something else.  Road work ahead.  Well, it is always nice to know the road is actually working and not laying about over at the side having a smoke (or smolder), waiting for it’s break to be over.  So where am I going with this?  I’m not sure, my kids call this mindset “dad jokes”, everyone else just roll their eyes and ignore it.  Well, I got stuck in that loop once (probably still there).  So my subject this week is street photos. Now we all know what you mean when you say that, but, if you are new, – – – – why would you want to take photos of the street?  That has to be uninteresting for anyone, right?  I did that, I took photos of the street(s) and sidewalks.  I mean why not include the sidewalks? Should they just be kicked to the curb? And forgotten?  They are just as colorful and carry as much traffic as the streets, just not as large of objects. Sometimes they (the streets and sidewalks) have things on them, or maybe they carry you over something (bridge).  But they are everywhere.


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