Fall is in the air

With fall making it’s annual pilgrimage through our region, the leaves are starting to change color, the weather is cooling a bit, so we can be refreshed by the cooler air.  Normally, I would g looking for cooler spots earlier while it is warmer, but that was not the case this year.  I’ve put it off, so now it will likely be cooler and wet.  Ahh, such is fall weather.  I did find a new waterfalls,  well, its obviously not new, just I have not been there recently to take photos.  There are numerous books about the falls and trails in the Columbia Gorge ( I have many copies ).  Maybe one day I will get to most of them.  This one is a nice little hike of about a mile or so in.  The parking lot is small, so it’s best to get there early, or you may get more of a hike than you planned on.  You are requested to pay the $5 National Park fee and put the tag on your dash.  The trail is nicely maintained, but after the first bridge, it becomes a little more challenging.  Lots of up and downs and rocks and roots to watch for.  The climbs are not long and sustained, but can be a bit steep in spots.  It is recorded as having an elevation gain of 350 feet, it is a two tiered falls, the water falling 60 feet in the lower section.  USGS calls it Tanner Creek Falls, but the Mazama’s named it Wahclella Falls after a local Native American village.  Enjoy the cool water and breezes.

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