Urban Canyons

I’m always amazed at the structures that we put up on a city block.  Some large, some not quite so large, but they all take up our space and usually take away some our sky/sun.  As I travel back and forth along our west coast (or left coast as some would say), I guess I notice more and more the changes in the skylines.  After checking, it had been two years since I had last been to Seattle, (didn’t seem like that long) but as I was looking out t he window of my cousin’s condo, I counted over 20 cranes working on buildings.  And that was just what was within my view, not the ones on the other side of the building.  I then noticed that some of the view of the harbor was no longer visible though it had been two years ago.  So Seattle is growing rapidly.  I’m sure it is not the only place.  Our Portland is also filling it’s skyline with cranes and buildings as well.  Seems to be the way of progress at this point.  This is where the title comes into play.  If you were to be out in nature, and the sky gets restricted, the walls rise up, maybe the air gets still,  you might find yourself  in a canyon. each are different, each can be quite beautiful, some are quite deep, taking us a long time to work our way back out.  Many find these places a good place to live.  The Urban Canyon.  The places we build, to live and work in.  Sort of follows last weeks images of the patterns of the buildings.


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