Labor?? Labor Day?

According to the official government website,  Labor Day started mostly by labor unions, around 1885-6.  The first state to make it official was Oregon in 1887.   So, I won’t argue  about who started what and when or why.  It seems the idea was to honor all of those people that helped make this country what it is.  That works for me.   We have put in our share in many different fields of expertise.   After some of the travels that I have made (not really that many) one of the things that I noticed the most was the changes in the way labor has changed.  I am referring to manual labor here, that is the kind I am most familiar with.  I have done a fair amount over the years growing up on a farm, working with the logging and trucking industries.  Being interested in old world machinery and practices pulls all of this out even more.  The improvements in these areas has been tremendous in just my few short years. So take today and remember those who plowed your fields, loaded your trucks, changed your fan belts, cleaned your windows or baled your hay and thrashed your grain, sawed your lumber and drove your bus.   Lean back and have a burger for those that chased the cow that made your burger and ‘shake.   And to all a good day!!

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