46th Annual

It is that time of year – again.  Time for the rust and dirt to come alive, get aired out, and go to work.  It is the 46th annual gathering of the Great Oregon Steamup.  Time for the old machines to come out into the open and show themselves.  Actually, I’m sure most started before now, it’s just that the stage is ready, and it’s showtime.  This past weekend and the weekend coming up, their new paint and polish will be on display. It seems more families show up each year, and this is great.  There is lots to see, and I think it’s great for the young people to see what used to be the way to do things. The way their dad’s and granddad’s used to do things.  I wish there would have been more of that when I was younger. This is one of my favorite things to attend every year.  I usually get a lot of photos to work with.  I did not include photos of everything available, it would take too much space, and I’m sure you would be bored to tears by the time you finished – or sound asleep.  So here are my images for this week.  Parking is free, and offers shuttles to the gate.  Admission is $12 for a day, $20 for the weekend.  Lots to see, lots to eat, lots of history. Fire trucks and equipment, construction equipment, farm equipment, old trucks, old cars, (some really nice old cars), motorcycles, old logging equipment, and old railroad equipment, old sawmill machines.  So jump in and have a great day!!  There is even a steam powered ice cream maker!


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