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Shadows & Silhouettes

I find shadows and silhouettes interesting to see and photograph, and after seeing other photographers work, I guess I am not alone.  This weeks images were taken with a variety of camera equipment; A Canon 20D, a Canon G12, and a phone.  The ones that started this posting were the “weeds” along the sidewalk.  I got those on the way to the library and grabbed them just because they looked like an interesting subject. “Lets try this.” It went from that to “How about a whole posting on those?”   Was in Seattle last week, so the skylines are from there. The overhead shot was from a parking structure downtown here in Portland.  It is an older shot from my archives, but one of my favorites.  The pine cone is from New Mexico, (yes, they do have a few trees), another grab shot as I was out exploring one morning.  It was setting on the sidewalk minding its own business when I walked by. I didn’t get a model release, so you can’t copy it to sell.  🙂  The more I do some of these subjects, the more interesting and fun the street photography becomes. As in all photo projects, we are watching the lights and shadows as they play their games throughout the day.  Keep your eyes open fellow camera people!!


During a recent trip to our coast, I was given extra time to check things out, as one of my contacts was unable to meet.  I took off to one of the spots we always used to go to when we lived in the area.  I have posted photos from there before, and in all likelihood, I will again in the future. It is one of those places where you  like to go back to on a regular basis.  The mouth of the bay leads out into the ocean, there are jetties on both sides of the channel, and the sea does its best to put on a good show.  Having family and friends that go deep sea fishing and use this means to get to the sea is always (for us) of interest.  There is a Coast Guard tower nearby that keeps an eye on the tide and bar conditions, closing it down if needed. On this day, there was little use for the tower.  The crew did drop by to check conditions, but as you can see from the photos, they could not see any farther than the rest of us.  Binoculars not much help either, so they went back to their station.  Even the sea gulls were grounded……..more or less.  All of this adds up to a great day for photos. There was a fishing boat just off the rocks, but by the time I got the camera out, the fog covered him up.  I could hear some surf out at the end of the jetty, but I did not wander out to see.  With the fog you would have had to almost be in the waves as they crashed into the rocks.  Sorry, my camera is not waterproof, and the waves to unpredictable. A couple of gulls posed for me then flew off to look for food I should imagine.  Sounded good, so I did the same.   Oh, yes, I almost forgot.  The piling that is there used to hold up a railroad line.


Once More

One of the reasons I take photos at the Steam-up is to play/adjust them in a photo program to make them into another form of art.  I have put those here before.  I also use them as subjects to draw, some of which will eventually have watercolors applied to them.  If I get comfortable enough with the finished product I may one day display those here as well.  Today’s  edition will only have a few pieces in it.  I’m sure not everyone likes to look at old rusty machines like I do, so I will try to limit what I display.  The ones today will finish off the Steam-up for this year, and show a couple that I have used to “modify” from the original form, plus ones I may use for drawing.  The red and black tractor was honored this year to be the one used on the back of the t-shirts.  They choose one each year, either the featured brand, or a particularly well maintained model and get it printed for that years souvenir t-shirt.  Pretty nice deal.

46th Annual

It is that time of year – again.  Time for the rust and dirt to come alive, get aired out, and go to work.  It is the 46th annual gathering of the Great Oregon Steamup.  Time for the old machines to come out into the open and show themselves.  Actually, I’m sure most started before now, it’s just that the stage is ready, and it’s showtime.  This past weekend and the weekend coming up, their new paint and polish will be on display. It seems more families show up each year, and this is great.  There is lots to see, and I think it’s great for the young people to see what used to be the way to do things. The way their dad’s and granddad’s used to do things.  I wish there would have been more of that when I was younger. This is one of my favorite things to attend every year.  I usually get a lot of photos to work with.  I did not include photos of everything available, it would take too much space, and I’m sure you would be bored to tears by the time you finished – or sound asleep.  So here are my images for this week.  Parking is free, and offers shuttles to the gate.  Admission is $12 for a day, $20 for the weekend.  Lots to see, lots to eat, lots of history. Fire trucks and equipment, construction equipment, farm equipment, old trucks, old cars, (some really nice old cars), motorcycles, old logging equipment, and old railroad equipment, old sawmill machines.  So jump in and have a great day!!  There is even a steam powered ice cream maker!