Drift Creek Suspension Bridge

Took off early today to do something I have had on my list of ‘places to go for photos’ for a long time.  It promised to be warm and sunny, and when your headed for the coast range, warm and sunny are usually a good thing.  Yes and no.   I did leave early as it usually a popular place and I wanted to beat the summer crowds if possible.  I was early enough (I got there late at 9 am) to beat the crowds, but a cloudy day would have been better photo-wise.  The sun was very harsh and contrasty, which if you like cameras, you know this can be the challenge.  It was a good day, and I had a lot of fun looking for subjects.  A few specs on the bridge;  it is 240 feet long, 100 feet above the creek, the creek itself flows out of the rock face at 80 feet.  The deck of the bridge is 3 feet wide.  It does sway a bit when you cross, but with a smooth, normal stride, you don’t notice unless you stop midspan or if someone else crosses.  It is a mile and a quarter to the bridge from the trail head. Another quarter mile or so will take you to the creek below the bridge.    There is no park admission, but you need a $5 park pass (at least when they have envelopes to put it in).  So I suppose that counts as an admission and parking permit.  I had fun playing with shadows and silhouette’s, and there is one where the shadow of the bridge goes diagonally across the falls with an image/shadow on the bridge.  That shadow is me.  I then worked at getting others into image as well.  As you can see, there is lots of forest around, and it is still nice and green for a bit.  There is a loop trail to take on the way back, but it was a bit overgrown today so I passed on that trail.  The rest was all very well maintained and a pleasant hike.

P.S.  I did not add directions to the trail head.  There are two ways in/out.  On the day I went in I used the entrance on Hwy 18. It is 9 miles in, very curvy, and had to watch for log trucks.  The other way is to use the entrance from Hwy 101 south of Lincoln City. It is 12 miles in, also very curvy, but did not have the log trucks to share the road with. PLEASE NOTE!!! Both roads are narrow, one lane with turnouts.  If you meet a larger vehicle, one of you has to pull off or back up out of the way.

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