Almost sounds like the piece of a song.  I was downtown, or uptown, well, I went to the city center.  We have a city center square, Pioneer Courthouse Square,  that is more or less the heart of the downtown area. They arrange for entertainment for all ages and interests.  There are sand castle contests, concerts, art shows, flower shows.  All sorts of interesting things if you are so interested.  Every Tuesday they have a concert, usually from a local artist.  I drop in to watch the people.  So, I suppose this edition could be referred to as street photography.  Then I wandered off to see what else I could find.  The conglomeration of buildings we have has always been fascinating to me.  I suppose the other cities are the same, I don’t always get to study all of the other places the same way.  Old and new, color, design and style all mooshed together for us to wonder about, and live with.  And transportation.  Cars, trucks, trains, buses, bikes, scooters.  Man made canyons and tunnels and bridges and roadways.  We do have a train system for commuting, but not an underground subway, ……..yet.  It has been suggested, but not accepted.   We do have tunnels under the city, but on further study, these were shanghai tunnels.  You know, the ones used to get kidnapped, unsuspecting people to ships to become unwilling sailors (or whatever).   I haven’t braved that tour yet.  I find the shapes and designs and patterns to be interesting, and the more I see them, the better they get.  I must be getting old.   I discovered that the bridge image has five bridges visible.  The window washers, the construction guys, the colors, the people, the bridges, the patterns and the colors, the cars.  Enjoy!


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