One Last Shot

I think I lost track somewhere along the line.  I’ll try this road anyway.  I seem to be good at taking rabbit trails, doesn’t seem to matter where I am.  I will try and make this the last edition of the New Mexico scenery, it is likely getting used up.  Some of it looks used up if your there.  I have mentioned before that the old Route 66 runs right through the middle of Tucumcari.  It seems there are still a few of us who remember the old highway from the TV shows and the news,  probably from real life if you had the opportunity to travel any or all of it.  You can still do that, at least in parts.  I know that not all of it in New Mexico is still in tact enough to travel all of it. You have to zig and zag the road and the main highway to cover the bits of that are left.  There are numerous motorcycle tours that still travel as much of it as you can, not just here but the whole length of it.  It does still have its draw.  The images I have put up this week are of some of the buildings that they try to keep within the appearance of what they once were when it was so popular.  It is great to see some of the artwork and the creativity to keep the spirit going.  And if you remember the TV shows of that time, you may remember “Rawhide”.  They had a reunion of the old cast members as I am told it was filmed in the area.  There were banners advertising  “Clint Eastwood slept here”  and all sorts of fun things.  And this is only a small portion of the paintings.  Enjoy!

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