NM edition 2

I have a few more images from New Mexico that I will share this week.  In way of explanation, some continue to show the wide open spaces that the folks in New Mexico enjoy; maybe to some that would be endure.  They are really wide open.  Where you are can be miles from anywhere, but there will be a small settlement of some sort out in what might be called the middle of nowhere.  Somewhat like the old cowboy movies where the fella ride into this tiny 5 or 6 building establishment.  I often wondered as we were driving along, what the first people thought when they wandered into this territory.  “How far do we go?”  “Where do we go from here?”  “What is over those mountains?”  “Should we move on?”   We drove through areas that took hours by car, let alone how long it would have been on a horse or a wagon.  I am impressed by what those  early settlers accomplished.  You can still drive for hours and encounter only a handful of cars.  Sometimes none at all.  A very interesting place for sure.  We were able to go to the Blackwater Draw site, where they are digging fossils and bones and skeletons of many creatures.  The museum shows some of their specimens.  We did accomplish this year what we tried to do last year, to visit the graveyard in what used to be Dawson, New Mexico.   My wife has relatives buried there, and we were able to locate their graves for our genealogy records.  The panoshot is from Dawson, what is left of it.  I think I mentioned last week that it used to be town of around  9000. (note:  I’m getting various guesstimates on the total – I don’t know the correct amount)    Interesting history, check it out.  After the mine collapse in the twenty’s (1923 +/-), the town  sort of dissolved, then shut down around 1950 when the mines were shut down.  The other images are similar to last week and last years images in that it shows how wide open everything is.  And we were only in the northeast corner of the state.  And of course, Route 66 travels through the state.


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