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Sorry I’m late – again.  I’ve been traveling – and looking for image material.  We just got back from a trip back to New Mexico.  We got to check out some family history and genealogy that we wanted to trace out last time, but was postponed because of serious bad weather in our “hunting” area.  I will   show images from that later on.  We headed out toward the northeast corner of the state, up where your above the hills/mountains.  They consider it to be the high plains.  Altitude is around 6-6500 feet.  It was hot and dry,  upper 90’s to 102 or so.  Lots of sunscreen.  The images this week are from the trips up and back, they show the open road, the openness of the high plains, then dropping back into the lower areas at about 4000-4500 feet where we were staying.  They was a forest fire that took off with great gusto and as of this printing, took out over 17,000 acres. The Doghead fire.  This morning it was 46% contained.  So a few of the images have a haze showing, that is the smoke from the fire.  It took it a couple of days to clear away util they started to get control of it.  Enjoy the images,  I will add another layer next week to show other subjects.  The wind turbines were on the road in Texas, I’ve been told there are over 1000 of them in this particular area.



Here are a few shots of the Garibaldi Harbor.  There was not a lot of water action this day, one reason was the time of day, another was the condition of the bar where they get in and out of the bay.  As you will see by one of the photos, it can be a challenge to cross the bar, (in this case, where the bay water and ocean water meet) and the Coast Guard watches carefully.  They will lock it down and not allow passage if it gets bad.  I can see their point, they are the ones to pull you out if you don’t make it.  A rough job for all involved.  The jetty has been on the north side for longer than I remember.  It used to have a rail line on it out to the tip of the jetty.  I think in the past I have shown photos of that.  But the harbor itself is an interesting place to watch, when the fisherman come in you can watch them unload their catch and see what they found.  If the season is right, they get crab instead.  Nothing better than fresh seafood.  Fresh, home canned tuna is way better than the store bought stuff.  The shot with the single boat coming in shows the south jetty.  It was installed later, starting when i was little.  Granddad would load us up so we could check on the progress as they placed all of the rocks.  It has been added to to lengthen it numerous times.  They were adding to it 38 years ago when we lived down the road.  I would pass by on my way to work.  We could always tell when they were going to add new rock, we could see the barge coming in towards the bar.  They would have to wait for the right tide.  One day, the tug captain got a barge stuck on a shoal in the bay.  We found out later, he had burned up the engine in the tug trying to get it off of the shoal.  They had to send anther tug to get it all taken care of.  Not a good day for them.  Hopefully they will be able to clear it out one day so all can go back to what it should be.