Kilchis Point Reserve

This week I went wandering to some of my old stomping grounds. Places that i grew up with. The one I had the  most time with was Kilchis Point Reserve, along the Oregon coast.  This was not actually there when I grew up, it has been added in the last couple of years.  The area that it is on was important to the local county when it was first settled.  It had the first (probably the only for quite awhile) post office at the time.  The ‘Reserve’  is set on what is actually a river delta – where the river feeds into the bay.  Duck hunting used to be pretty good there, I don’t know if that is still the case.  The day I was there, it was rainy and overcast, but not cold.  I did get caught in the rain, but, the trees provided enough cover that I did not get wet.  I must say, the designers did a great job on this. It is laid out well, and the work was very nicely done.  It is a mile out to the gazebo at the end, and seems to be a mile back even on the other trail.  The trail does make a loop.  The first quarter to third of a mile ( I didn’t measure) is the paver blocks, the rest is crushed and packed gravel.  Nice walking surface.  Parking is good for the location, but not a large amount of spaces. 6-8 maybe, but there is a location for overflow a few feet away.  At the time of day I was there, the tide was out,  waaaay out, as shown in the photos.  The bay is filling in with sediment, even though the Corp of Engineers have put two jetties at mouth of the bay.  I don’t know if they will ever be able to dredge it all out or not, or if they even want.  The fisherman would like for them to, I’m sure.  There are some nice boats in the harbor that can no longer use the bay at all, they have to go straight out to sea even at high tide.  I do have some images from the harbor, I’ll use those for next week.   All in all, Kilchis Point Reserve is a nice place for your morning walk.  The gazebo at the end is large enough for a lot of people.  It might have been nice to have it a bit closer to the water, but being the bay and its tides, it is in a good spot. There are benches to rest on all over the trail, along with history markers/panels about the area.  They were working on a building that day, I will guess it is going to be a restroom.   Cheers to those involved!


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