Lumber and Labor to get it

This is not an extensive history by any means. If you have watched my posts for any time over the months, you know that I like old machinery, and the “old way” of doing some things.  Also, you will have seen some of my images from “The Great Oregon Steamup” that takes place each summer in this area.  You may even remember some of these images here.  It has always fascinated me to look back and see how things were done before some of our modern equipment was invented. Necessity is the mother of invention?  Someone always works on a better mousetrap.  I have done that myself.  I’m not going to show modern day logging practices, they are available on-line, and I do not have the equipment to produce the work that is already out there.  I lean on the old images made by Darius Kinsey, and others that put a LOT of hard work into documenting the lifestyle of the the folks that worked in the woods.  You can find copies of these works in most libraries, (at least around here)  or look them up on-line.  Anyway, there are a few museum type places around here, one being the Antique Powerland which hosts the Steamup program.  The timber carnivals are thinning out as not so many are involved, and the tasks are all mechanized now.  Easier on the people, not always as much fun.  So we have the fellows in the woods that make the trees shorter, then we have the fellas in the trucks taking the product to the guys that spread the wood out into numerous shapes and thickness’s. I managed to find  a few tools as well.  Hats off to the folks that have done this work!


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