California, San Francisco, Cable Cars

I just got back from California, so this is a bit late.  I do not yet take my computer with me to process images, so that happens when I get home.   We had one day of hard rain, (I had to travel to California to see if their rain was warmer than ours in Oregon), then squeezed a day in between showers for a park/beach walk (that’s the one at Lands End) to get a shot of the bridge and overcast sky.  After the rain cleared away, we took off for the cable cars and some sightseeing.  Lunch in the Ferry Building,  and lots of walking.  We got in line for the cable car, and after a bit of wait in the line, they told us the one on the turntable was broken and there would be a wait for repairs.  We took off on foot (on climb actually)  and headed up to Lombard Street.  Easy to find between breaths, that’s where all of the sightseer’s were at the top of the hill.  After walking back down the hill to catch the California Line cable car, we headed up the hill.  Under power this time, the trip was a bit easier.  The ride on this line is steeper than the others, and a bit longer I believe.  All in all, a lot of fun.  We did manage to stop at the cable car museum to see how things work and get a bit of history.  There is also the infamous Alcatraz Island, maybe next time we will get to tour that.  You need to get advance tickets and we had not prepared for that on this trip.  The house/building on the right edge of the photo I’m told belongs to Danielle Steele.  Nice place, looks almost like a small castle.  I should think it would a very nice place to write books.  We were  also able to fit in a trip through Grace Cathedral,  and journey around the labyrinth.  There is one inside as well.   We did make a stop at Ghiradelli Square.  Can’t proceed without our chocolate!!   A good time was had by all.

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