Fences -l-l-l-l-l-l-

I have a certain fascination with fences.  I’m not sure why, I had to help build fences on the farm. You would think after my dad’s fences, I would never want to see another one, but here we go. Some fences keep us in, some keep us out.  Some keep us away, some keep us close.  Some we build ourselves, for or against others.  I won’t go into a long mind numbing dialog here, I’m not qualified.  I’m sure I’ve build enough of my own fences to suit most people.  Ans as I am headed towards old and cranky, I will likely build more.  Seems we all do.  I have found big fences, small fences, wire fences, board fences, split rail and barbed wire, as well as mesh and beam style.  Wood, steel, aluminum.  Even cement (lets see, after it is mixed and set it is concrete) fencing, (in the bridge photo). A few are sturdy enough to stop a car, some are very delicate, and will only stop another bug.  Some even have guards or caretakers; the split rail had a ladybug,  the pole beam had a coyote, and the web of course has its spider.  Most have to deal with frost and fog, rain, heat, sun – all of the outdoor conditions that we expect them to.  A few are showing their age, kind of like me.   As for the spider, his only last a few days, the rest are expected to be around for a long time.  We must after all, have our boundaries.

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