I’m late again this week, but, there are no waterfalls or sunrise images.  That could be good or bad, I suppose, depending on your preferences.  I thought I might try something else.  One, it keeps me thinking;  two, it gives you something else to look at.  The only new part will be that you may have not seen these particular images before.  I chose skylines just as a project a long time ago as one of those ongoing things that you constantly add images to and the file just gets larger and larger.  So, I dug out a few to look at.  Some are old, some are new.  I won’t say which is which, it doesn’t really matter.  Webster says a skyline is usually where the sky touches the horizon and there is usually a city trapped somewhere in between.  Well, I may stretch that a bit, but the city does get trapped between the sky and the ground. I’m sure the horizon is in there somewhere.  I added some artistic touches to a couple of them just for fun.  As I live on the left coast of the states, that is where these images are from.  Portland, Seattle and San Francisco, so some may look familiar if you have been to one place or the other.  Four bridges are visible in the image with the girl on the bicycle.

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