The sun is still up!

We get sun or we get rain.  Maybe a cloudy day.  It is getting warmer, at least as compared to a month ago.  Shirtsleeves not to far away.  I only put in a few shots, I mean, the same sunrise over and over – it’s only good if your watching it change, not watching photos change.  I tried to get the color as close as possible, I hope it shows that way on your screen.  I’m working with a new camera and have not got all of the gadgets down for sure yet.  The shot of the geese was for fun.  They appeared to be enjoying the morning air, as was I.  I go back to this location off and on.  It’s easy to get to, but access times are limited as it has an electronic gate.  As of this week, sunrises will likely be out of the question because the gate will not open soon enough.  I have been working on a new spot, but the search is still on.  Over the years, gates get closed for security, trees grow up to block the view, or, roads get changed and easy access is no longer there.  Plus many are doing the same as I am, looking for a good spot.  That elusive special spot is out there just waiting to be found.  We will press on.


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