Winter Light Festival

This will be a first for us in Portland.  A evening light show – just for the fun of it.  There have been shows in the past, but they were, to the best of my remembrances, for a specific occasion or event.  We do light our bridges off and on during the year, which can be a treat for the eyes if you are around in the evening.  Each bridge being a different color.    This show was a bit different, more like some I have seen advertised or displayed on news reels from around the world.  Numerous artists and sponsors get together and find a space they can work in, and the fun begins.  I did not make it to each and every exhibit, some were performances on other nights.  But the one I did attend was fun and quite entertaining, A challenge to get photos, as it is evening, and colors do not always appear to the camera as we see them.  The large sunflower was very colorful and active.  The large pillars behind the sunflower constantly changed, even showing a pair of eyes.  There were projectors all around displaying all sorts of games for your brain to play with.   Color everywhere!  The flock of planes (looks like paper airplanes)  were all handmade from fiberglass panels.  Some displays were fast moving, others would slowly emerge, sometimes without the passers-by even noticing the change.  It was fun to watch the reactions of the people watching the displays.  The one on the side of the building where the hand came out and held the candle was well received when I was there.  A lot of work went into all of the displays, so thank you to all of the artists.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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