More water!

With winter you get lots of water. At least here, anyway.  This last season has been damp for sure. it seems the rest of the country has had (and is having)  their share of everything winter has to offer. I feel your cold.  So, in a moment of cabin fever, I headed out for the trail.  If I go early, I miss all of the congestion.  I chose Multnomah Falls, as it has been awhile since I had been there.  I think I have put images from there into this space before, but I will add some new views.  If you travel on up the trail from the top of the falls, you can wander around and get lost (many have) if you’re not careful.  The trail(s) goes on for miles if you want the challenge.  So with the trail mostly to myself, the rain and I headed for the falls and the creek beyond.  One image is from the top of the falls down toward the parking lot.  It was a misty, foggy day, so that shows in a couple of the images. There is a lot of winter debris in the creek, which, in the end, will likely grow in quantity.  One spot on the trail, you can walk under the rock overhang.  All in a lot of fun and a good trip.

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