Monthly Archives: February 2016

The sun is still up!

We get sun or we get rain.  Maybe a cloudy day.  It is getting warmer, at least as compared to a month ago.  Shirtsleeves not to far away.  I only put in a few shots, I mean, the same sunrise over and over – it’s only good if your watching it change, not watching photos change.  I tried to get the color as close as possible, I hope it shows that way on your screen.  I’m working with a new camera and have not got all of the gadgets down for sure yet.  The shot of the geese was for fun.  They appeared to be enjoying the morning air, as was I.  I go back to this location off and on.  It’s easy to get to, but access times are limited as it has an electronic gate.  As of this week, sunrises will likely be out of the question because the gate will not open soon enough.  I have been working on a new spot, but the search is still on.  Over the years, gates get closed for security, trees grow up to block the view, or, roads get changed and easy access is no longer there.  Plus many are doing the same as I am, looking for a good spot.  That elusive special spot is out there just waiting to be found.  We will press on.


Sun’s up!!

Spring is around the corner – well for some of us anyway.  It seems to have arrived early this year for us in the northwest.  For those of you in the rest of the country, your turn is coming, but I do hope it is not all at once.  That can be as bad as all of the snow.  So for the springing  out of our weather, with the thought of the fairer weather, we get sun and clouds, sometimes even on the same page.  For those of us that pack around cameras to document those light shows, it can be a lot of fun.  Or not, if you are not a morning person.  I like the light shows, so I try to find a good place.  That in itself is becoming more difficult as more folks get cameras to do just what I am doing.  I did catch, or I should say, “we” as there were a few others at the same location as few of the rays from that that morning.  There is one shot in the batch not of the sunrise.  As the fog cleared away from the river, I caught sight of one of the other groups of early morning outdoor people.  Fishermen.  They were all lined up on the riverbank waiting for the fish.  I suspect the fish were all under the rocks still sleeping, but that may be speculation.  Who gets up early to go swim in a cold river?  After I left, the sky clouded over back to it’s leaden gray for this time of year.

Winter Light Festival

This will be a first for us in Portland.  A evening light show – just for the fun of it.  There have been shows in the past, but they were, to the best of my remembrances, for a specific occasion or event.  We do light our bridges off and on during the year, which can be a treat for the eyes if you are around in the evening.  Each bridge being a different color.    This show was a bit different, more like some I have seen advertised or displayed on news reels from around the world.  Numerous artists and sponsors get together and find a space they can work in, and the fun begins.  I did not make it to each and every exhibit, some were performances on other nights.  But the one I did attend was fun and quite entertaining, A challenge to get photos, as it is evening, and colors do not always appear to the camera as we see them.  The large sunflower was very colorful and active.  The large pillars behind the sunflower constantly changed, even showing a pair of eyes.  There were projectors all around displaying all sorts of games for your brain to play with.   Color everywhere!  The flock of planes (looks like paper airplanes)  were all handmade from fiberglass panels.  Some displays were fast moving, others would slowly emerge, sometimes without the passers-by even noticing the change.  It was fun to watch the reactions of the people watching the displays.  The one on the side of the building where the hand came out and held the candle was well received when I was there.  A lot of work went into all of the displays, so thank you to all of the artists.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

More water!

With winter you get lots of water. At least here, anyway.  This last season has been damp for sure. it seems the rest of the country has had (and is having)  their share of everything winter has to offer. I feel your cold.  So, in a moment of cabin fever, I headed out for the trail.  If I go early, I miss all of the congestion.  I chose Multnomah Falls, as it has been awhile since I had been there.  I think I have put images from there into this space before, but I will add some new views.  If you travel on up the trail from the top of the falls, you can wander around and get lost (many have) if you’re not careful.  The trail(s) goes on for miles if you want the challenge.  So with the trail mostly to myself, the rain and I headed for the falls and the creek beyond.  One image is from the top of the falls down toward the parking lot.  It was a misty, foggy day, so that shows in a couple of the images. There is a lot of winter debris in the creek, which, in the end, will likely grow in quantity.  One spot on the trail, you can walk under the rock overhang.  All in a lot of fun and a good trip.