OK, so this does not refer to the old moonshine making contraptions.  This is what you get when you start playing with things around the house, sometimes with a real purpose in mind.  I have tried this a few times in the past, and took off on the trail again just to see what would change.  Lots of fun actually.  Especially with new gear.  The camera images are new.  The rest have been around for a bit.  I will add some bits of history as a few items are family hand-me-downs so to speak. One of the cameras belonged to my grandmother. The older, sort of tired looking one with the small globe, the Agfa Royal.  The washboard was also hers.  I have no idea how old the washboard is, my mom was born in 1926 and she remembers it being around when she grew up.   It was used in team effort with an old wringer washing machine.  I was always reminded (loudly) to keep my fingers out of the way.   The rest are things that came up, some spur of the moment, some planned ahead of time.  I have other subjects in line, so when they are ready, I will share them as well.

I was bringing a new computer up on line this week, that is why this is late.  Or maybe early for next week?  Ohhh, that sounds good.  Anyway, it took longer than I thought.


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