One of the ‘projects’ that is suggested in photo circles is to wander your neighborhood and see what you can photograph.  So I have done this, a number of times.  Last weeks photos of the snow where in that category.  Well, our snow is gone, we are back to rain and cold.  As I will be working on pen and ink images, with maybe some watercolors added, I collect images to turn into drawings.  This weeks images are in that project area.  I did ‘adjust’ a couple of them with P/S, just to see how color and design can change them.   The local areas are now without a lot of colors, browns, grays and pretty bland for now.  I may travel out a bit later to see what is around.  I am working on some indoor images.   Some still life type of stuff – mostly trial and error – to practice.  We’ll see what happens.

It is fun to park on a corner and just watch the world go by.  That is where this weeks images come from.  I like to people watch anyway.  I have a couple of photo articles that suggest you do just that.  Pick a spot and set – without the camera – and watch what happens.  Choose what you might use to make a photo and think about how it might turn out.  Then a some point, come back and the photos.  I usually carry the camera with me, but leave it in the case for a while and survey the scene.  It does make for a more interesting outing.   Try it.

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