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OK, so this does not refer to the old moonshine making contraptions.  This is what you get when you start playing with things around the house, sometimes with a real purpose in mind.  I have tried this a few times in the past, and took off on the trail again just to see what would change.  Lots of fun actually.  Especially with new gear.  The camera images are new.  The rest have been around for a bit.  I will add some bits of history as a few items are family hand-me-downs so to speak. One of the cameras belonged to my grandmother. The older, sort of tired looking one with the small globe, the Agfa Royal.  The washboard was also hers.  I have no idea how old the washboard is, my mom was born in 1926 and she remembers it being around when she grew up.   It was used in team effort with an old wringer washing machine.  I was always reminded (loudly) to keep my fingers out of the way.   The rest are things that came up, some spur of the moment, some planned ahead of time.  I have other subjects in line, so when they are ready, I will share them as well.

I was bringing a new computer up on line this week, that is why this is late.  Or maybe early for next week?  Ohhh, that sounds good.  Anyway, it took longer than I thought.



One of the ‘projects’ that is suggested in photo circles is to wander your neighborhood and see what you can photograph.  So I have done this, a number of times.  Last weeks photos of the snow where in that category.  Well, our snow is gone, we are back to rain and cold.  As I will be working on pen and ink images, with maybe some watercolors added, I collect images to turn into drawings.  This weeks images are in that project area.  I did ‘adjust’ a couple of them with P/S, just to see how color and design can change them.   The local areas are now without a lot of colors, browns, grays and pretty bland for now.  I may travel out a bit later to see what is around.  I am working on some indoor images.   Some still life type of stuff – mostly trial and error – to practice.  We’ll see what happens.

It is fun to park on a corner and just watch the world go by.  That is where this weeks images come from.  I like to people watch anyway.  I have a couple of photo articles that suggest you do just that.  Pick a spot and set – without the camera – and watch what happens.  Choose what you might use to make a photo and think about how it might turn out.  Then a some point, come back and the photos.  I usually carry the camera with me, but leave it in the case for a while and survey the scene.  It does make for a more interesting outing.   Try it.

Winter arrived!!

So after a slow start, winter finally hit us – – – – – all at once.  Well, for us, anyway.  For those of you who experience a real winter every year, this will not seem like a big deal.  For us, this is an occasion to take a day off and take our kids and have some fun.  The schools will shut down anyway, as do some services and businesses.  This time around the library and garbage pickup suspended service.  The first day, I took off to the local park just to take some photos.  You will notice they are not museum quality, just shots of people having fun.  And it was fun.  Bike riders, dog walkers, runners and folks just out for fun.  The dogs love the snow.  The lady under the tree with her arms out was posing for the fellow over the bank.   Those of you who live in our area will recognize the large open pit like area. It is usually filled with water as it is/was part of the water reservoir system for the city.  I don’t recall ever seeing it with only snow in it.  Every hill or slope was covered with people looking for a ride downhill.  Then it was supposed to thaw and melt, then rain.  It thawed a bit, then froze.  Anything with moisture now had ice for the next day.  I’m sure this is common in other parts of the country, but it throws this town in a panic.  The news casters make it sound like this has never happened before.  All in all, I think most have survived to go back to work.  The library is open, but the garbage is still waiting for pickup.