Year end

I will confess, I’ve been slacking off.  The weather is cold and wet, my work space is cold, (57 degrees) and the colors of the summer and spring and fall are not here.  We are into the cold wet winter stuff, which, at least around here, is dull, brown and dark.  The electronic cameras don’t like water all that much.  I did get a ‘raincoat’ for the camera, but caution is still to be practiced.  Most of this is all excuses of course.  It should (according to the the weather guessers) dry out this week.  We do need the water/moisture for later this summer, so I don’t want to knock the climate, just some of the conditions.  So reading and traveling (family), and maybe a movie, have taken more of our time.  I will try to start the new year with a trip into the great outdoors.  I have found some older images of a couple of summer activities. Motorcycle racing.  Now I know these continue on into the winter, but I have not tracked down any mud filled races yet this year.  I will check it out.   In the mean time, give these a look.  A friend of mine races and invited me to tag along.  It was fun.  The images of the wrecks are impressive, but no one was seriously hurt (if at all – they all walked away).   The two fellas with all of the sparking did get into an altercation, but with all of the body armor, it didn’t come to much damage.   The racer on the yellow bike is a young lady.  And then there are the ‘pocket bikes’ – the little tiny ones with the big guys on them.  They are quit powerful for their size.

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