It is Still Leaf Season

I guess I was  wrong a couple of weeks ago when I said our colors were almost gone.  Most of the reds are gone, at least in my neighborhood. I ran across some sun peaking through the trees on the way home yesterday, so I grabbed my camera and headed for a local park that has lots trees and leaves (again with the leaves).  I was able to hang around long enough to catch a few rays and therefore some shadows and highlights.  Yes there are more trees and leaves.   Not my department.  I can’t change the them.   I do light and dark, shadows and highlights.  Gotta have some trees to filter the lights and carry the colors.   I turned most of my leaves into the recycle place.   The rest I use to make photos.

So the tall tree next to the steps has been on my radar for a long time. I caught it one year with bright red leaves.  That has not been repeated in nature.   I don’t know what the catch was, but I have not seen it that color since.  It stays the yellow/green shades now.  One of the other reasons to stop here was the bike racks wee just repainted, obviously a bright blue.  That blue in the midst of all of the browns and yellows really stood out to me, just yelling to take a photo.  All lines and a few curves.   I converted one to black and white, and it looks pretty good, at least to me.  There is one image of four posts in a field of leaves.  I can say I do not know what they do, or why they are there.  There is no obvious reason, anyway.  I’m sure someone, somewhere, knows.   They seem to be just there.   I don’t know about you, but we have lots of rain coming our way today and tomorrow.  An inch and half today, two and a half inches tomorrow.   Stay dry!!

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