Monthly Archives: December 2015

Year end

I will confess, I’ve been slacking off.  The weather is cold and wet, my work space is cold, (57 degrees) and the colors of the summer and spring and fall are not here.  We are into the cold wet winter stuff, which, at least around here, is dull, brown and dark.  The electronic cameras don’t like water all that much.  I did get a ‘raincoat’ for the camera, but caution is still to be practiced.  Most of this is all excuses of course.  It should (according to the the weather guessers) dry out this week.  We do need the water/moisture for later this summer, so I don’t want to knock the climate, just some of the conditions.  So reading and traveling (family), and maybe a movie, have taken more of our time.  I will try to start the new year with a trip into the great outdoors.  I have found some older images of a couple of summer activities. Motorcycle racing.  Now I know these continue on into the winter, but I have not tracked down any mud filled races yet this year.  I will check it out.   In the mean time, give these a look.  A friend of mine races and invited me to tag along.  It was fun.  The images of the wrecks are impressive, but no one was seriously hurt (if at all – they all walked away).   The two fellas with all of the sparking did get into an altercation, but with all of the body armor, it didn’t come to much damage.   The racer on the yellow bike is a young lady.  And then there are the ‘pocket bikes’ – the little tiny ones with the big guys on them.  They are quit powerful for their size.


I’m back to the monochrome images again.  For what ever reason, these images seemed to saying “try the black and white.”  So I did.  This is a local park, I try to visit often.  I have used images from here before, some probably with in the last couple of weeks.  And they were in color.  Nothing wrong with that, just going for the black and white seems to extend the range of that image.  I still find them to be ……classic or maybe timeless?  It seems to pull up the roots of photography to use the “old way.”  I have always liked the “old way,” even in the machinery I used to work on.  My daughter and I both seek out old machines to photograph.  Rusty and aged metal draws like a magnet.  One image has a statue in the fog (fog is always a plus).  The fellow’s name is Harvey Scott.  He was the editor of the local newspaper until he passed in 1910.   He is pointing west.  As it is close to being officially winter, that means snow for some and cold for those and others.  We don’t have that here yet, so I may get to work on that later.  Season’s Greetings to for now!


It is Still Leaf Season

I guess I was  wrong a couple of weeks ago when I said our colors were almost gone.  Most of the reds are gone, at least in my neighborhood. I ran across some sun peaking through the trees on the way home yesterday, so I grabbed my camera and headed for a local park that has lots trees and leaves (again with the leaves).  I was able to hang around long enough to catch a few rays and therefore some shadows and highlights.  Yes there are more trees and leaves.   Not my department.  I can’t change the them.   I do light and dark, shadows and highlights.  Gotta have some trees to filter the lights and carry the colors.   I turned most of my leaves into the recycle place.   The rest I use to make photos.

So the tall tree next to the steps has been on my radar for a long time. I caught it one year with bright red leaves.  That has not been repeated in nature.   I don’t know what the catch was, but I have not seen it that color since.  It stays the yellow/green shades now.  One of the other reasons to stop here was the bike racks wee just repainted, obviously a bright blue.  That blue in the midst of all of the browns and yellows really stood out to me, just yelling to take a photo.  All lines and a few curves.   I converted one to black and white, and it looks pretty good, at least to me.  There is one image of four posts in a field of leaves.  I can say I do not know what they do, or why they are there.  There is no obvious reason, anyway.  I’m sure someone, somewhere, knows.   They seem to be just there.   I don’t know about you, but we have lots of rain coming our way today and tomorrow.  An inch and half today, two and a half inches tomorrow.   Stay dry!!