Monthly Archives: November 2015

Yes it is

It is still fall.  There are still leaves, there is still fog in the morning and now we have frost to add to the mix.  Most of our leaves have lost their rich red and brown colors.  Most of the leaves are almost gone for that matter. The ones left are yellow and some green, but they are one bushes and plants, not some much on the trees.  I have noticed this is in the native trees, the ones that have been here for mostly ever.  The ones that still have reds and some browns are the ones planted to fill in spaces or add color (and leaves to your yard).  The dark damp cool to cold weather doesn’t seem to slow many people down.  The joggers are still out as are the walkers and bike riders.  All is good.  Even the dogs get extra layers.  It is good to see everyone still gets outside.  I’ll probably still show more leaves and fall images, but I’ll try and branch out for next week.

It’s Still Fall

So until there is snow, (could be anytime as it is this year), we still have fog, leaves, cool temperatures and hot tea.  All right, hot chocolate as well.  Really, sipping chocolate or drinking chocolate (depending on who names it)  is better.  Way better chocolate flavor.  In any case, we are still running with the leaves and fog.  All different than before, mind you, it seems we never run out of either for very long, at least around here.  I took some different trails this time.  As is common for this season, it was raining.  The trail up the river started out pretty good, then the trail surface got to be downright rough and tumble.  It looks as if it was chipped out of rock.  I was glad that I wore my heavy boots.  The hiking boots would not have made the trip.  I use a pair of logger boots that I used to have for work.  Lots of ankle support and good traction.  I have had the manufacturer rebuild them a couple of times now.  They still feel good when I slip my foot in.  The hiking boots no longer come in narrow sizes, so my foot swims around to much.  Even with extra socks.  Back to the project.  I found a couple of water falls, one you can walk behind.  Lots of water in the air and on the ground.  I had to work at keeping the camera dry, and my glasses clear enough to see the trail.  It was a good day all around, still some color in the leaves and the trails are still passable.  Lots of moss and beavers have not built dams on everything yet.  I even managed to get a train into the shot.  Always have to include some machinery.


Veterans Day

Webster’s dictionary describes a veteran as “someone who has had long experience in a particular field or endeavor.   Usually applied to the military. ”    So with that in  mind, tomorrow the American community will remember the Veterans of our country. This becoming a more difficult thing to remember and for me,  even more so to write about.  It seems there is a “war” almost everywhere, touching almost everyone, at least in some manner.  As of now, it makes no difference what country you are from, your nationality or where you are or what color your flag is.  You will be influenced by a war.  My heart hurts for those who have lost a family member to one of these actions.  They cause irreparable damage to all involved.  If you have lost someone to these actions, please remember them.   If you have someone close that survived, thank them.  And say a prayer that they did survive.   If know of anyone that is a veteran, thank them for their service.   I have been there.


4 leaves, or more

Yes, the colors are changing.  More rapidly now.  So I left on a hike, took my point and shoot, and headed out.  It wasn’t raining when I left home, but I was headed for the Columbia River Gorge, so all weather is expected.  As the saying goes,  “wait ten minutes and it will change”.   So I took my rain gear.  It started out foggy, but turned to rain soon after I got on the trail.   The good steady soaking rain.   Not a downpour.   Pretty much all of me got wet by the time I was done, but it was great.  I had the trail mostly to myself, even though I had left later than normal.  I met lots of people on my way back,  though.   The camera survived, as did I and the raincoat.  My glasses had a hard day, they kept fogging up.   Guess I will have to try Rain-x or something similar.  All in all, I had a good day, the photos were not too bad, the colors were bright and saturated just like the leaf images show.  Those were right out of the camera.  All were for that matter.  I only brought out the highlight detail that the camera tends to blow out on days like this.   It’s true,  don’t let the rain slow down your photo journey.