Morning Shots

So, I suppose ‘morning shots’  to most means that you are in line for your coffee drink for the start of the day.  Sorry, not for me, I don’t do coffee.  For me that means I’m out early, (before the sun)  and looking for that elusive sunrise or something similar.  In this case, I went to a park that is close by, and one that I have shown images of here before.   After the city got through reconstructing a portion of the park,  they changed a bit of the environment to remake the park to a more diverse area.   It turned out pretty nice.  We have a selection of areas that were a bit different than than was there originally.  So, I was there for sunrise images , thinking of one place in particular, but when I headed for that area, another spot had access that was not available before.  I took the road less traveled, and got a different perspective.  It worked well overall.  The sunrise was nice, but not as colorful as I might have expected, but that is how it is with sunrises.  You don’t get to choose the colors.  You just get to work with what is there.  I wasn’t the only one out early, either.  Not everyone was taking photos, which is OK.  It is good to see people out getting a good start on the day.  The image with a single evergreen tree turned out to be a surprise.  I took the photo, then as I walked by, I realized there was a tent under the tree.  The camper had also locked their bike up into the tree.  Quite clever, I thought.  Enjoy your day!


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