1 Leaf, 2 Leaves, 3 Leaves, 4

I suppose somewhere, someone has done a survey on favorite times of the year, and for what reasons.   I didn’t  research that.   It’s fall. That is one of my favorite times.   I love the colors, that cool weather, the fog that will soon appear in the mornings,  maybe even a bit of frost from time to time.   It all makes good photo material.  We all get into patterns, routines, some even call them “ruts,” of what we  like to do and see.   This time of year changes rapidly, even dramatically, day to day.   The sky, the clouds, the trees, even the people.   You can watch the clothing changes as the weather changes.  Most everyone bundles up to stay warm, even the dogs get sweaters (not many walk their cats) .  But everyone still goes out.  And that is good.   As I live in the Pacific Northwest, it is damp here a lot of the year.   I like what one authors comment was about this region.  “The weather doesn’t change what you do, just what you wear when you do it.”   So I gathered a few leaves to show off our fall.   One or two have been ‘enhanced’, the rest are as the camera saw them.  And, I don’t move the leaves around to make an image.  I wander around until I see something I like.    The colors here tend not to have as many stripes and layers as  other areas, you know, patches of red and yellow, and orange all in one area.   We seem to have large swatches of  each color, not so much mixed together.  But that’s ok.  We will live with that.


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