More Bridges

We have a river running through our city.   Now, I’m pretty sure we are not the only ones in this situation.  It seems too, that everyone on this side of the river always wants to be on the other side, and everyone on the other side always wants to be on this side.   In which case we need a bridge, or in most cases, more than one.   Last month our new bridge was opened to trains, (commuter) and buses,  along with bicycles and foot traffic.  No cars.  No trucks.  It is a pretty cool bridge, if your into bridges.   And it has been fun and interesting to watch it take shape over time.   The design is nice, very different from the other 8 or 9 others in the neighborhood.  The count varies depending on what one considers in the city.  There are ones that are not in the city limits, but are considered “in the family”.   Each year we have what is called the “Bridge Pedal”  where they close all but one or two bridges so everyone call walk or ride their bike over a designated path that takes you over the bridges.  Quite fun actually.  I’ve done it  a number of times.  Ok, back to the new bridge.   I walked across it a couple of days ago to see what it was I could see.  Early in the morning you get nice colors, and you get to see the sculls out racing up and down getting their practices and workouts.  The water version of the morning run.   The bridge design definitely lends itself to a black and white photo.   And a sketch version as well.   At one point I will have to take the pen and pad for a freehand version.   And my bike.


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