Monthly Archives: October 2015

Morning Shots

So, I suppose ‘morning shots’  to most means that you are in line for your coffee drink for the start of the day.  Sorry, not for me, I don’t do coffee.  For me that means I’m out early, (before the sun)  and looking for that elusive sunrise or something similar.  In this case, I went to a park that is close by, and one that I have shown images of here before.   After the city got through reconstructing a portion of the park,  they changed a bit of the environment to remake the park to a more diverse area.   It turned out pretty nice.  We have a selection of areas that were a bit different than than was there originally.  So, I was there for sunrise images , thinking of one place in particular, but when I headed for that area, another spot had access that was not available before.  I took the road less traveled, and got a different perspective.  It worked well overall.  The sunrise was nice, but not as colorful as I might have expected, but that is how it is with sunrises.  You don’t get to choose the colors.  You just get to work with what is there.  I wasn’t the only one out early, either.  Not everyone was taking photos, which is OK.  It is good to see people out getting a good start on the day.  The image with a single evergreen tree turned out to be a surprise.  I took the photo, then as I walked by, I realized there was a tent under the tree.  The camper had also locked their bike up into the tree.  Quite clever, I thought.  Enjoy your day!


1 Leaf, 2 Leaves, 3 Leaves, 4

I suppose somewhere, someone has done a survey on favorite times of the year, and for what reasons.   I didn’t  research that.   It’s fall. That is one of my favorite times.   I love the colors, that cool weather, the fog that will soon appear in the mornings,  maybe even a bit of frost from time to time.   It all makes good photo material.  We all get into patterns, routines, some even call them “ruts,” of what we  like to do and see.   This time of year changes rapidly, even dramatically, day to day.   The sky, the clouds, the trees, even the people.   You can watch the clothing changes as the weather changes.  Most everyone bundles up to stay warm, even the dogs get sweaters (not many walk their cats) .  But everyone still goes out.  And that is good.   As I live in the Pacific Northwest, it is damp here a lot of the year.   I like what one authors comment was about this region.  “The weather doesn’t change what you do, just what you wear when you do it.”   So I gathered a few leaves to show off our fall.   One or two have been ‘enhanced’, the rest are as the camera saw them.  And, I don’t move the leaves around to make an image.  I wander around until I see something I like.    The colors here tend not to have as many stripes and layers as  other areas, you know, patches of red and yellow, and orange all in one area.   We seem to have large swatches of  each color, not so much mixed together.  But that’s ok.  We will live with that.


More Bridges

We have a river running through our city.   Now, I’m pretty sure we are not the only ones in this situation.  It seems too, that everyone on this side of the river always wants to be on the other side, and everyone on the other side always wants to be on this side.   In which case we need a bridge, or in most cases, more than one.   Last month our new bridge was opened to trains, (commuter) and buses,  along with bicycles and foot traffic.  No cars.  No trucks.  It is a pretty cool bridge, if your into bridges.   And it has been fun and interesting to watch it take shape over time.   The design is nice, very different from the other 8 or 9 others in the neighborhood.  The count varies depending on what one considers in the city.  There are ones that are not in the city limits, but are considered “in the family”.   Each year we have what is called the “Bridge Pedal”  where they close all but one or two bridges so everyone call walk or ride their bike over a designated path that takes you over the bridges.  Quite fun actually.  I’ve done it  a number of times.  Ok, back to the new bridge.   I walked across it a couple of days ago to see what it was I could see.  Early in the morning you get nice colors, and you get to see the sculls out racing up and down getting their practices and workouts.  The water version of the morning run.   The bridge design definitely lends itself to a black and white photo.   And a sketch version as well.   At one point I will have to take the pen and pad for a freehand version.   And my bike.


Sun Spots?

When we first started in photography, (ancient times – film)  we were taught to not shoot into or towards the sun.  It would cause a massive bright spot in the photo, if not ruin it completely.   Film did not always react the best to that situation.  Well, digital doesn’t either, really.  It will still give you a bright, bleached out spot in the image, it creates what is called ‘flare’ or ‘sun flare’  that is not always wanted in an image.  But then again, it can be used to an advantage to get interesting and maybe artistic results if you watch what you are doing.  I run across this every once in awhile, and will usually take the shot anyway.   I want to see the results.  Maybe I can improve on something I’ve done before.  It can be more of a challenge when you have a point and shoot camera, but it still works.   The sun will get “blown out”  anyway, so don’t worry about that, expose for the rest of the image. If you have not tried it before, bracket your shots  if you have that camera function, (one or two shots over and under exposed).   I don’t usually, I take a couple of shots at different angles, and move on.   I will check the screen to see if it anywhere close while I am there.    Please remember not to look at the sun through your viewfinder any more than you would with any other device.   It will damage your eyesight.   I have also found that not all printers like to reproduce the area around the sun in these images.  They turn out a bit odd on some printers, so if you get these results, well, your not the only one.  Be careful and enjoy the fun.