Last Chance?

Summer is cooling off, fall is setting in with it’s cooler atmosphere and soon to change the leaves right in front of us.   I know not everyone has this opportunity, bu here goes.  You can still make a trip to the beach! (or mountains, or river, or wherever you like) before it fades into the ‘sunset’.  The beach is my place of peace, and renewal.  I grew up near there, I will always look forward to the sand in my socks, the salt air, the pesky sea gulls being….well,… sea gulls.  It’s what they do best.   I don’t usually track around to find some out of they way place that no one has been to before.  Besides, that is getting pretty hard to do.  Finding an unused piece of beach, I mean.  I just aim for a time when the fewest people are there.   This generally  means very early hours.  But that is when it is the best.   I don’t always have to have sand, I can work with rocks  (big rocks)  so that the surf crashes against the rocks and splashes around making all sorts of noise. (good to sleep to)  It (the noise-not the water) washes over me and cleans out the cobwebs.  I suppose like the musician that turns the volume way up to flood the room. (with noise-not water)  So that is this weeks addition. Feel free to go the beach and enjoy!!


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