pen and ink

One of my favorite types of art is pen and ink drawings, or as it is probably referred to digitally is line art.  As I experiment with most all forms of my artwork, I have tried to reproduce this artwork in digital form. So this week I will display some of the images that I have turned into line art.  It is not as freehand as sketching is, (I’m working on that as well),  but it does, at least for me, produce a very nice image. Some I have added color washes to, leaning toward watercolor flavors and styles.  As with all artwork, it will be a matter of personal taste whether you like one over the other.  I base my decisions on the image itself.  And many times, I will take an image with this end result in mind – “this would look good if I ………”.   I think I mentioned this once before about pre-visualizing the artwork.  Some  people/teachers/instructors say it is good to do this, others say no.  Again with the personal tastes.  What works best for you is what is best.  I will usually try something a time or two for fit.  If it doesn’t fit, I go back to whatever I was doing before.   I have learned many new things this way, even if it doesn’t work, you did learn something.  Where my work is usually (so far)  on white backgrounds,  I have a cousin that was into commercial art, and did some work with the black background, scratching off the black to make the lines white.  I have not tried that outside of digital yet.  I do have an image or two like that but, that is a lot of black ink to print out.   Looks cool though.  When she was doing that work, digital was not available yet, so it was all done as if you making a sketch.   I know the art store has the materials to do this, I’ve seen it in there.  Try it if you must.  It does look good.

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